Requiem for Wolfgang

by Vassily K. & Alexander Sokolov

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Wolfgang (1991 - 2003) was an iguana. Did he know he was just an iguana? Did he know we considered him a male? All those gender categorisations - lizards may have it complicated, then what about us, the expressions of a current top complexity of the world. We lived our passions and sympathies and he moved around slowly in a warm cosy place on Donelaitis street in Moscow, near the mysterious Skhodnya Hollow, being a part of the scenery for our passions and sympathies - a little part, but a harmonious one, green and gracious. He passed away trying to lay an egg - he wasn't a male. Everybody got surprised in their grief. And we go on living and considering ourselves males, among other things, me and his owner Alexandros.

I call him that, and he calls me Basilios. We met first in the year 1991, I came to Moscow from Murmansk to have my first sessions in a real studio with a window and a broad sound board. I thought I was a rockstar. Alexandros made the arrangements on his Ensoniq keyboard, and he managed to say, through his usual laconicism, that I was good which felt very stimulating since he was then and continues to be a musician far more advanced. When the girl I loved fanatically came to a concluson that I wasn't worth it, I asked Alexandros to meet her and to try to turn it around. So he did. When I had nowhere to live, Alexandros set up a cot for me in his room, among shelves with spiritual literature and bunts of fragrant dried herbs.

In the year 2001 I revisited Moscow with my friends, a Swedish band The Kürtens. I thought again I was a rockstar and that I thought before I was a rockstar was just due to my stupidity. Alexandros met us and asked, again through his laconicism, if we wished to play some FREE. The rockstar didn't get what it was about. But he slept thankfully on the same cot, alone and not alone - the place was frequented by interesting people. We used to enjoy red wine then. The 9/11 came, Alexandros' father called: check the telly, there's war getting started! we dismissed him politely, we had our passions and sympathies, and Wolfgang was a witness.

In the year 2012 I called Alexandros and wondered if he would like to play some FREE. I believe in evolution and am thankful to those who helped me to believe. We just took our instruments and started playing, without any scenario, trusting that connection between us which is impossible to define and to express verbally. I think it was right to bring along my laptop and a mike since the music came out very much as we have been - islands of meetings, fragments of deep understanding in long currents of our personal quests. Wolfgang's empty terrarium stood in the corner.


released May 5, 2013

Alexander Sokolov - piano, clay whistle
Vassily K. - acoustic guitar, sound



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